The Best Virginia Lipedema Surgeons

As of 2017, the top lipedema surgeons in Virginia use a specialized lymph sparing liposuction when massage (manual lymph drainage) and anti-inflammatory diets won’t work. Lipedema affects a woman’s buttocks and legs usually beginning either in puberty or early 30’s. Lipedema is a real bully which causes incessant pain and bruising, so a diagnosis of lipedema must be made clinically. While not well-known to the rest of the world (while it was described in 1940 at the Mayo Clinic), only the top Virginia liposuction surgeons are familiar with this obscure disorder. It is estimated that 7 million women may be suffering from this chronic, hereditary, and genetic disorder of the adipose tissue. Lipedema is often confused with lymphedema which is an abnormal collection of fluid and is painless. While a few men have proven positive for the disease, it’s 99.9% female-related and due to the deposition of abnormal fatty tissue.

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Lipomas come in 3 sizes: diffuse (small), nodular (large) and mixed. The top Virginia lipedema liposuction surgeons use magnetic resonance imaging with an MRI. Liposuction reduces pain and improves quality of life.

  • Dercum’s Disease (DD) – Also know as adiposis dolorosa, obesity is common with DD which is a painful growth of fatty lipomas. These growths are difficult to remove in entirety because of their expansive growth.
  • FML – a rare disorder of lipomas on the neck, arms, abdomen and thighs
  • Lipedema
  • Madelung’s Disease – Mostly alcohol-related, Multiple symmetric lipomatosis is thin and watery and removed by needle biopsy.

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Learn more about how the best Virginia lipedema surgeons are curing this painful disease as of today there are no known associated genes: