Specialists in oral & maxillofacial surgery For tumors, deformities, fractures, cysts, mucosal diseases and jaw joint diseases of the mouth

  • surgical treatment of oral cavity malignant tumors
  • oral reconstruction surgery for QOL improvement
  • surgical treatment of congenital jaw alignment & deformation
  • laser surgery for oral mucosa diseases
  • dental treatment for high patients with serious systemic diseases
  • lip, jaw, palate and cranial stenosis
  • microsurgical tissue replacement
  • alveolar ridge augmentation and dental implantology (dental root implants)
  • craniofacial traumatology
  • dental alveolar surgery

The top Virginia Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons focus on:

Dysgnathic surgery to harmonise the occlusion (bite) and to remodel the face through bone correction.

Facial nerve paralysis from injuries and operations that affect the facial nerves, neurological disorders, or infections. There are cases of facial nerve paralysis with congenital origins as well as cases without identifiable causes.

Surgical treatment of skin cancer ranges from the removal of small tumors and subsequent plastic surgery; to complex removal procedures, in cooperation with one of the best Virginia neurosurgeons. Some tumors require additional operations such as the removal of the parotid gland or cervical lymph nodes.

Temporomandibular joint surgery from a change in the position of the articular disk, partial or complete destruction of the disk, or a change of the articular surfaces from rheumatism. Temporomandibular joint surgery is treated by means of splint therapy, physiotherapy, and/or drugs.

The best Virginia maxillofacial surgeons specialize in the reconstruction of high-grade reduction of maxillary bone as a consequence of the loss of natural teeth to provide the patient’s ability to chew and to speak and to grant aesthetic appearance of the face by the aid of implants.

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Learning about reconstructive surgery at John C. Lincoln Hospitals.

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